Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Itally

Maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s the fact that today is my one-year anniversary in my first ‘big girl job’, but I want so badly to go back to a place that melts my heart. The only place where I have ever felt that pure joy, the ultimate satiety, because my eyes are feasting on every little detail of the world around me. Italy is like a lost lover…when you leave, it keeps a little piece of your heart there.


The cosmos.

I feel like maybe things are aligning again that have been out of whack for a long time now…fingers crossed!

Spare change?

I can’t decide what to do with my time (and cash) this weekend…casino or garage sales…how’s a girl to choose?!?

Born entrepreneur???

I have always felt that I needed to be my own boss. I’m sure if you asked the six-year-old version of me what I was going to be when I grew up, I would have told you that I was going to be in charge some day. I have also learned through watching some entrepreneurs succeed (and others fail) that it does take a certain kind of person to achieve success with a new venture. Some products succeed despite themselves, and other great products fail due to lack of demand. This is just the market we have created for ourselves, but does the entrepreneur make just as much difference as the product? Absolutely! This article about genetic predisposition caught me by surprise…are they really trying to isolate an ‘entrepreneur’ gene?!? That’s pretty awesome in my book, and even if you don’t buy the process, it still presents an interesting dilemma: Are some people born leaders? If so, is it also teachable?

After interning in a few small entrepreneurial ventures during my undergrad studies, I decided that I would be happy just working for an entrepreneur; all of the perks of a small company (creative decision-making, thorough knowledge of the whole and not just the parts, etc.), but much less risk. I do believe that I was a born leader, but I am also fairly conservative when making risky decisions. For now, I will try to learn from the best and leave the risky business decisions for my late-20s.  🙂

Why cover letters are key.

This article by Jason Fried did a great job of hammering in the importance of a cover letter. Standing out in a crowd of job applicants is important, but you have to catch the eye of the person hiring before you can even be part of the crowd.

Disciplined Optimism.

We all get upset by things that are out of our control, but optimism is something I think I’ve mastered fairly well. This article emphasizes disciplined optimism and might help you find a balance between annoying cheerleader and buzz killington.

Day Two.

Okay, so I have all of the links up that I am going to have for awhile. I have gotten the gears in motion to record some performances for my YouTube page…right now it has nothing. 😦 But you just wait…they will be entertaining! Promise.

After using this site pretty intensely for a few days now, I would recommend it to everyone! It has some great features that I really appreciate, and it is so easy to use!