march hare

l1=A brown hare with blond bangs is laying on a table with a teacup in hi hand with tea spilling out of it.I did not realize this great coincidence until after I had fully committed to the Alice in Wonderland theme for this site, but I am indeed a march hare! I was born in March of 1987 which, according to the Chinese calendar, was the year of the hare. I love when weird things like this reveal themselves to me.

Other things I love:
dancing in the rain
crossword puzzles (my grandpa taught me how to do them right)
books starring Robert Langdon
math (particularly calculus…i know, i know)
impromptu drumming sessions (preferably in the car at a stop light)
coloring books
logic puzzles
self-help books
watching Katie Horner during tornado season
little kiddos (and their irresistable laughs)
dressing up for Halloween
playing black jack
lightning bugs
adrenaline (I’m a roller coaster junkie!)

Things I don’t really love:
paper towel rolls with tails
losing at Battleship (which I always do)
cocky people (who don’t really know what they are talking about)


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