Prime your brain for success.

I can’t emphasize just how important it is to think positive thoughts and keep an open mind when traveling through life. Some people may think this is just hoakie, but I have seen it in practice! I have actually told myself something so long that I eventually believed it and forgot all about the conditioning I had done to get there. Scott Halford writes the following in an article about the power of thought:

“Thoughts, goals and ideas work the same way, and you can increase your brain’s considerable input on them if you learn to ask your brain nicely and deliberately to get involved. You can create your perfect world if you know what you’re looking for and–perhaps more importantly–if you pay attention to how your brain is fed.

This process works with negative thoughts, as well. As I teach in classes on emotional intelligence, crap will find you all day long, especially if you expect it. It will parachute into your office without an invitation and typically won’t leave when you want it to. You don’t have to go looking for it. It will find you. If you are dwelling on the bad stuff, it will find you more quickly and readily, and you won’t be primed for the things that will make you successful. Good things need to be noticed. We generally have to be more deliberate about the positive. Your brain will help you find innovative ways to do it. Just prime it, and it will be there for you.”

Please check out the full article, and keep those positive thoughts flowing!!


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