Throughout my years as a student, I was told to be this boring person whenever presenting myself to the world. Whether it be for scholarship essays or job interviews, I was forced (as I’m positive many others have been) into being a pigeon-holed drone. My dream is to dispell this myth that you have to be boring to get a job. I’m on the hunt for a company that will hire me BECAUSE of my quirks, not in spite of them.

The theme behind this WWW venture is “Wonderland.Jen”. Since I was a little girl, my fascination with the Lewis Carroll story and characters has run rampant in my imagination. A quote from the book that I always carry near and dear is, “You can always paint the roses red.” In an attempt to quelch the rage of the Red Queen (because white roses were planted), Alice offers the queen a creative and charming solution…paint them red. I take this philosophy everywhere I go, trying to bring positivity and innovation to every problem I encounter or witness.

So please take a page from my book, as I did from Alice, and MAKE things the way you want them. Show the corporate world that this young, new workforce will not bend our ideals to fit into the 3-piece suit of yesterday. We are the generation who throws a jacket over our party dress because we can’t be slowed down by costume changes…we have networking to do!


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